Our Story

Welcome to House of Tula, where timeless elegance meets sustainable luxury. We are a premier destination for discerning individuals who appreciate the finer things in life, value unparalleled craftsmanship, and seek unique, exclusive treasures. Our meticulously handcrafted journals and stationery items are designed to resonate with those who cherish tradition, sophistication, and environmental stewardship.

At House of Tula, our commitment to excellence is evident in every detail. Each piece is a work of art, meticulously created using traditional techniques passed down through generations. Our artisans, masters in their craft, pour their hearts into every item, ensuring that each product is not only functional but also a testament to timeless beauty and superior quality.

Our products are made from pre-consumer waste cotton fabric, transformed into the highest quality paper through sustainable practices. This dedication to sustainability not only protects our environment but also ensures that our products are as unique as they are luxurious. The textures and finishes of our cotton paper offer a writing experience that is unmatched, making every note, diary entry, or letter a pleasure to write.

We understand that our clientele values exclusivity and individuality. That’s why our collections are limited editions, ensuring that your purchase is a rare find, a true reflection of your refined taste. Our designs often draw inspiration from classic art, such as the intricate patterns of William Morris or the opulent imagery of traditional Indian motifs, blending heritage with contemporary elegance.

House of Tula is more than just a stationery brand; it is a celebration of art, culture, and sustainable living. We invite you to explore our collections and experience the perfect blend of luxury and craftsmanship. Join us in our journey to preserve the art of handmade stationery, and indulge in the exquisite charm that only House of Tula can offer.

Discover the essence of true sophistication and timeless beauty with House of Tula.