Our Story

House of Tula is the creation of London-based entrepreneur Priyanshu Nath. The product is a culmination of Priyanshu’s passion for beautiful sustainable designs and her personal journey of mental health wellbeing through the form of journaling. Journaling, especially during the pandemic, played a crucial role in her life. She credits journaling in helping her process emotions and increasing her productivity by organising her thoughts, which has had a positive impact on her mental well-being.

For these reasons, the journals are something very close to the founder’s heart. Her sense of design is inspired by the traditional British artists who still infuse a sense of beauty in the contemporary world and the labour of love that comes into handmade craftmanship inspired from her Indian heritage. For her, the sustainable way in which the journals are made with equally beautiful covers are a throwback to how things were done in the past.

Priyanshu has taken from her life journey, the things that inspired her along with her. She has an MBA from the Bayes School of Management, London and a Computer Engineering degree from NIT Surat in India. She is an INFP (Myers Briggs "mediator" personality type) who has always had a passion for everything creative and has chosen to bring it all together in House of Tula in 2022.